Instruction writing.

This week we have been writing our very own instruction about making our clay aliens, just in case anyone else wants to make one too!

We talked and decided that instructions must…
– Have a title
– Be in order
– Be clear and bossy!

We are also trying to use different sentence openers to link our instructions. Words such as first, next, then, after, finally.

Here are some examples of our hard work so far…
These belong to Isla, Jessica and Lina.



Reception’s Big Book Of Space.

We have learnt so much about space we decided we should share our knowledge with others. To do this we decided to make a class book all about space.

We began by choosing a planet and creating out own representation of it using chalk. We loved experimenting with the chalk,and think the way it blends and layers made our drawings even better!

Later we wrote one, two, or even three facts we knew about the planet we had chosen. Miss. Menzies was very impressed with how much we had remembered and as always our amazing writing!

Hopefully Mrs. Crisp will let us put out book in the library!

Alien Invasion!

After reading ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ we designed our very own alien! We drew it out using pencil first thinking carefully about the features it might have.
We then used paint to add their colour. (Miss. Menzies was very impressed with our paintbrush control.
Have a look at these!


Later when they were dry we set to work writing a description of our new alien friend.
Have a look at Lauren’s fantastic writing!


Tricky word treasure hunt.

To revise our tricky words today we went on a tricky word hunt around our school.
The teams to find all eight tricky words first won 3 merits!

Miss. Menzies was very pleased with how well we worked together in teams and how sensibly we moved around the school.


Remember to keep practising your tirkcy words at home, there are more to come soon!
Or you can try playing this Phase 3 tricky word game online, you will need your flashcards handy to help you!

Letter and Sounds – New Digraphs!

We will be learning these digraphs in Letters and Sounds this week:
(Remember these are 2 letters that make one sounds)

ch   sh   th   ng

We will also be learning this tricky words:

we   me   be

Please continue to practise these tricky words at home:

to   the   no   go   I   into   he   she

Thank you for all your hard work!

Letters and Sounds!

Children were very excited to receive their new sounds in their Sound Bags this week. I hope they are teaching you all well!

Reception are so amazing at their Letters and Sounds I’m afraid it’s time to learn even more!

This week we will be learning these letter sounds: y z (zz) qu and singing alphabet songs.

Don’t forget to practise the names of letters as well as the sounds!

Letters and Sounds this week…

Reception are working so hard with their phonics that it’s time to move onto Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds!

This week we will be learning these letter sounds: j  v  w  x    and singing alphabet songs.

Don’t forget to practice the names of letters as well as the sounds! :)

Here are some links to give you some ideas:

Alphablocks videos try “Jaybird” and “Why”.

Letters and Sounds games

Mr Thorne videos

Thanks for your continuing support at home, it really shows with how confident the children are at using their sounds during reading and writing.